DJ Fox & Associates

Professional Development

Building on the experience, knowledge and personal qualities of our Associates, we conduct three stages of training:

Internal Training

Initial training of new Associates is led internally by senior Associates within the Company. This involves two intensive days at our offices in Somerset, where we cover all aspects of report writing using the D J Fox & Associates methodology, introduce statistical data and enhance research skills. This is followed by dedicated one-to-one mentoring over the next 6 months, which is then continued with mentoring and guidance by senior Associates who provide quality assurance for all reports.

External Training

All Associates are CPR 35 and Court Room skill trained using a recognised training provider.

Continuous Professional Development

We conduct regular webinars with Associates through which we share best practice and communicate new policies. Further to this, D J Fox & Associates runs discussion groups with recruitment specialists, including those involved with disabilities, and regularly attend employment forums and charity symposiums. More widely, research is carried out as part of an ongoing process to ensure that we stay up to date with labour market conditions and the employment of those with disabilities, alongside current military conditions of service, civilian occupations and career progressions. To ensure that all of our Associates remain current they attend industry knowledge events and employment forums, and the Company also speaks at solicitor training programmes. Additionally, many of our Associates are involved as unpaid volunteers providing up-to-date and impartial industry-specific information briefings to the Poppy Factory, which is a national employment charity that supports Wounded, Injured and Sick military veterans moving into careers and jobs across the UK.


Amongst the team of Associates there is a strong support ethos which enables their wide range of experience and research to be harnessed as a common resource for employment reports.

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