DJ Fox & Associates

Debra Fox - Personal Statement

I became an Expert Witness after leaving the Army in 1998. Having provided career advice to soldiers throughout my Army career, I consolidated my understanding of military personnel transitioning into the civilian employment market when I commanded an Education and Resettlement Centre in my final appointment prior to leaving the Services. Amongst my other duties I delivered resettlement training to soldiers leaving the Army, including advice on: CV writing; the relevance and application of the experience and qualifications they had gained during their military careers in the civilian employment market; and the type of jobs to which they would be suited, along with other skills and knowledge they would require.

Due to my resettlement background I gained significant knowledge and familiarity with a wide range of civilian occupations, and when I left the Army I started writing civilian employment reports. I found that I had ample knowledge to allow me to produce good quality work based on the latest employment information. Alongside this I spent 10 years recruiting all ranks of ex-Service personnel into contract roles.

I became passionate about my work and always endeavoured to produce a report to the best of my ability, taking into account all of the relevant factors and evidence. Due to my Army background I became the military expert within the company I was working for at the time, and consequently I undertook a variety of reports for Service personnel, both Claimant and Defendant. There have been numerous occasions where I have been instructed by opposing solicitors, Claimant and Defendant, who have seen my work. Gradually my case load expanded by word of mouth and I went on to producing Claimant, Defendant and Joint reports.

Over time, I developed a reputation with a number of top solicitors as an efficient and impartial Expert Witness, and decided in 2003 to establish my own company, D J Fox and Associates. I set up the business initially in a converted cow shed attached to our home with one part-time secretary and 2 former military officers, one of whom I had served with. Our reputation as a company grew as did our workload and so I began to take on other Associates who shared my ethos and values. D J Fox & Associates is now based in a bespoke set of offices and employs 6 staff, with a network of 27 Associates. I take pride in the company and the Associates because of our shared values of integrity and respect, and our commitment to thoroughly research the important employment aspects of a case to enable us to present impartial and informed evidence and opinion. I have never lost my passion and enthusiasm for our work, and remain committed to ensuring that the expert evidence that our Associates present to the Court is the very best that they can provide.