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D J Fox & Associates was established by Debra Fox in 2003. Debra is passionate about establishing the issues in every case through comprehensive investigation, research and analysis. She has created a culture that is infused across the Company, which prides itself on its ability to robustly justify its employment report findings to the Court. Our Associates produce employment reports for Personal Injury cases that epitomise our core values of integrity, commitment and respect.

Our cases cover:

Accidents at Work
Public Liability
Serious Injury
Medical Negligence
Disease Litigation

Each of our experts has a range of specialist knowledge and experience, which is enhanced by internal and external training. Combined, this offers a powerful network which we are able to bring to support your Personal Injury cases. Whilst our heritage is military, the scope of our business encompasses both civilian and military employment claims, as well as uniformed and non-uniformed police.

Our commitment is to research and analyse every aspect of evidence and, with our experience and knowledge, to provide expert witness employment reports that inform your decision-making to arrive at an appropriate loss of earnings figure.

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Our Employment Reports

The Company acts on behalf of Claimant or Defendant, or as Single Joint Experts. The research and fact finding process in nearly all cases begins with a face to face interview with the Claimant.

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Our Associates

D J Fox & Associates understands the importance of providing unambiguous evidence to inform your decisions, complemented by the experienced opinions of our Associates.

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Professional Development

Building on the experience, knowledge and personal qualities of our Associates, we conduct three stages of training:

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Debra Fox


Debra founded the Company in 2003 and is passionate about establishing the issues in every case through comprehensive investigation, research and analysis.


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Malcolm Fox


Malcolm joined the company as an Associate in 2012 and became a Director in 2019. He now manages the day to day running of the organisation and is the focus for business development.



  • "Thank you very much for your assistance with the Claimant's case which certainly contributed to achieving a good settlement for her."


  • "Without a shadow of a doubt your report was head and shoulders over the other side's expert and had it come to it I am sure we would have had a favourable result from a Trial Judge."


  • "In preparing three outstanding expert reports, the expert showed her skill in analysing statistical data relating to recruitment in the armed forces... We successfully settled the claims for amounts significantly higher than expected for politically sensitive cases such as these and (the expert's) reports were critical to our presentation of the cases. I highly recommend her instruction as an expert witness."


  • "Both I and the Counsel would like to thank you immensely for the work which you put into the reports which saved us considerable time and expense when preparing the counter schedules. The claimant's solicitors have adopted much of what you have said showing just how fully and fairly you dealt with the issues."


  • "Thank you for your invaluable input which enabled us to achieve a settlement which both we and our client are extremely happy with. All of us were extremely impressed with your input on this case. I think it is safe to say we would have all been a little lost without you."


  • "Our discussion with you provided us with some crucial points which resulted in us achieving a settlement our client was very pleased with. Thank you for your vital assistance."


  • "Thank you for the help on this matter which has been most professional and helpful. Both Counsel and ourselves were most impressed with your expert's report."


D J Fox & Associates has recently won the following Awards:

2016 Lawyer Monthly: Employment Consultant Expert Firm of the Year

2017 Lawyer Monthly: Employment Expert of the Year - Sue Knight

The Lawyer Monthly Expert Witness Awards recognise experts who have superior knowledge and experience within their field. To achieve this they must have demonstrated a proven record in assisting either third parties, courts, tribunals, arbitration hearings or official enquiries to assist them in understanding the issues in a case, and reach a sound and just decision. We are very proud to have received these awards in the past two years.

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